Sindh governor assures foolproof security for PSL players


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 KARACHI: Governor Sindh Mohammad Zubair Saturday said that after massive improvement in law & order and energy situation, Pakistan is destined to become fastest growing economy in next 10 years.

This he said while talking to a four-member foreign media delegation here at Governor House.

The delegation comprised Patrick Wintour, Foreign Editor, The Guardian; Freddy Gray, Deputy Editor, The Spectator; Ronald Oliphant, Moscow correspondent of Daily Telegraph, and Ms. Sarah Nicole Titterton Islamabad based Bureau Chief of AFP.

The governor said that in 2013, Pakistan’s security situation was so bad that no foreigner was willing to come to Pakistan even on a day trip. “We had to engage with them in Dubai for business and trade meeting, he added.”

He further said that energy crisis was so severe that Pakistan faced imminent blackout in coming years as there were no energy projects in pipeline.

Zubair said that despite many bottlenecks and political difficulties, the government only succeeded in achieving economic stability by sincere and devoted policies aimed at leading Pakistan towards the path of progress and prosperity.

Pointing towards the results of economic initiatives of the present government, he said that due to solid foundation in this regard, next 10 years of Pakistan would be the golden era for the country. As hard work has been done during the present government’s era, the next government would inherit a sound economy, growing investments and project for massive industrialization.

Citing CPEC as the game changer in real sense, he said that Pakistan was fortunate to have established relations with China when it was not an economic power. By the passage of time, these relation have cemented as the same are based on mutual trust and sincerity, he opined.

The governor, while highlighting country’s role in war against terror, said that it had fought from the front for the sake of world peace. This war affected the social fabric of Pakistan very badly but it continued to sacrifice only to ensure a peaceful world where the human beings could live with peace and prosperity.

He said that Pakistan took the most difficult decision to conduct operation in tribal areas. No one should point a finger towards our sincerity in this regard as we have shown that we will always be there to fight terrorists, he added.

In reply to a question, the governor said that Karachi is country’s economic hub and it remained in hot waters before 2013 for almost two decades. Now at the end of presents government’s tenure, it was again becoming a vibrant and socially active city, which it was during 60s and 70s, he added.

The Sindh governor said that we are planning to hold an International Film Festival and an International Squash Tournament to further show case to the world that Karachi is now retuning to its past glory and social, cultural, economic, literary  and sports activities are at full swing here. Your presence here is also a proof that you have no doubts about the security situation in Karachi, he observed.

Replying to a question about holding of Pakistan Super League final in Karachi on 25th March, Zubair said that when the final of 2nd edition of PSL was held in Lahore last year, he had promised to hold the next final in Karachi.

Security would be of no concern and we would provide foolproof security to specially foreign players during the final, he added.

He said that perception about Pakistan was shadowing the reality which was far better than the perception. Apart from others, foreign journalists can contribute a lot to disseminating reality about Pakistan and its economic hub Karachi, he concluded.