Nawaz Sharif cites democracy crucial for country and its people


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KARACHI: President, Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz), Muhammad Nawaz Sharif taking exception to the series of threats posed to democracy said stakeholders must realize its importance for the country at large.

Addressing a seminar on “Future of Democracy in Pakistan,” organized by the members of civil society here at a hotel on Friday, the former prime minister regretted that fate of democracy remains questionable in the country that gained independence 70 years ago through democratic means and in accordance with a legal as well as an acceptable process.

Recalling the challenges faced by democratic setups in the country since 1951, he called upon the stakeholders to fast realize that democracy is critically required for maintenance of balance among different pillars of the state.

Calling upon the people of the country, pertaining to different sections of the society, to rise above their respective interests and differences, for the larger cause of democracy, Nawaz Sharif said it was high time that masses came together and defend their constitutional rights.

PML – N Chief on the occasion discussing in detail the political history of the country and roles played by different institutions mentioned that the country established in the name of democracy experienced autocratic rule for no less than 30 years.

This was said to be in a scenario when most of the development was registered across the country during democratic regime.

“This is no exaggeration to claim that people of the country benefitted most under elected governments,” he said.

Identifying PCO along with other controversial amendments in the constitution, the former prime minister said parliament needed to take tough decisions for the sake of the country and its people.

Nawaz Sharif on the occasion was also critical about the role of certain political parties and their leadership for their alleged compromises to gain numerical strength in the forthcoming senate polls.—APP