Hundred new planets discovered beyond solar system



Web Desk: NASA scientists have discovered nearly 100 new planets outside our solar system. They analyzed hundreds of signals of potential exoplanets to determine which signals were created by exoplanets and which were caused by sources.

According to doctoral student at the technical University of Denmark, Andrew Mayo, “We started out analyzing 275 candidates, of which 149 were validared as real exoplanets. In turn, 95 of these planets have proved to be new discoveries.”

“This research has been underway since the first K2 data release in 2014,” he added.

Mayo quoted, “We found that some of the signals were caused by multiple star systems or noise from the spacecraft. But we also detected planets that range from sub Earth-sized to the size of Jupiter and larger.”

Moreover, he said, “We validated a planet on a 10-day orbit around a star called HD 212657, which is now the brightest star found by either the Kepler or K2 missions to host a validated planet. Planet around bright stars are important because astronomers can learn a lot about them from ground-based observatories.”

Source: Indianexpress

Source: Indainexpress