Here is why this man’s photo went viral on social media



Web Desk: A popular Facebook page ‘Karachi Walay’ shared a photo of a well-dressed man, is sitting at a traffic signal in Karachi. The photo is going viral on internet.

According to the writer, the old man is well-dressed and often found sitting at the Sindhi Muslim traffic signal in the evening in Karachi. He also carries a wiper along with him with which he cleans cars. While he offers to clean cars and quietly walks away if refused, he is never seen begging or insisting.

While writer asked him his story, he said that his oldest son passed away eight months ago and now he has to take care of his six daughters and younger son. He had resorted to cleaning car windshields at traffic signals because the money from his current day job would not cover the expenses. While the writer is not sure if his story is genuine or not, the post gone viral.

Almost 3,316 people shared this picture and many also showed their concern to help him.