Heart breaking facts about acid attack



Web Desk: Women around the world are facing misogyny and discrimination, some face abuse on daily basis while other becomes victim for one time. One of the worst form of that abuse is acid attack. Almost 1000 of acid attacks occur every year. The topmost reasons behind it, are refusal of love, marriage and sexual advances and dowry.

Acid just takes 30 seconds to burn the skin. The most common acids used are made by hydrochloric, sulphuric or nitric acid. Therefore, within 5 seconds it burns skin surface while 30 seconds for full-thickness burns.

Acids can even melt the bones. It immediately damage skin and started melting it. Then it dissolves the bones.

Surgeries do not guarantee a complete cure, because acid can cause skeleton damage or organ failure. The victim needs to get constant physical therapies and surgeries, each surgery costs almost a lakh. It is also important to mention here that an average acid attack survivor undergo through 15-20 surgeries.

Acid is as cheap as dirt, because it is used as the most common cleaning agent.

The victims are suggested to flush gently-flowing water for at least half an hour on the affected areas and keep their eyelid open while doing it.

Source: Wittyfeed