Five magical benefits of salt on your hair



Web Desk: Salt can be used to solve many of your hair problems. It can be used to give your hair the texture and volume. Salt regulates secretions from sebaceous glands and prevents hair from turning oily.

Top five magical benefits of salt on your hair.

Goodbye Dandruff

Benefits Of Salt On Hair

Dandruff occurs due to dead skin cells on the scalp due to moisture and humidity. Salt helps in absorbing excess oil and removes flakes/dandruff during hair wash. Sprinkle some salt on your scalp and massage, then wash your hair.

Thicker hair

Benefits Of Salt On Hair

Salt helps to give your hair a quick fix effect. It promotes hair thickening with time. Take shampoo and mix salt then apply it on hair and massage gently. Let it rest on the hair for some time. Wash your hair with cold water.

Promote hair growth

Benefits Of Salt On Hair

Salt opens up blocked pores on the scalp and allow proper hair growth. Mix oil with salt and massage your hair. Repeat the process twice in a week.

Prevent hair from turning oily

Benefits Of Salt On Hair

Salt regulates the secretions from sebaceous glands which are responsible for releasing oil into the scalp and also improves hair quality.

Intensifying blood circulation

Benefits Of Salt On Hair

Salt can intensify blood circulation in the scalp and boost hair growth.

Source: Bollywoodshaadis