Eight unique qualities of body



Web Desk: Discover your body to know about it’s abilities. These abilities can make you special and prove you are not like anyone else.

Have a look at 8 uniqueness of your body.

Touching you nose with your tongue

It is called Gorlin sign. Only 10% of people can do this. Gene Simmons has this uniqueness that helped him to become an international rock star.

Simian line

People with Simian lines generally achieve far more than most. In the history, these people have made a positive contribution. These lines are only found in 1.5% of the general population on at least one hand.


Scientists suggest that goosebump is a gift to stay warm, especially when we are cold.

Ear wiggling

This ability can only be acquired if one or both of our parents can do it. It is thought that 10-20% of the population had this ability.

Putting your fist in your mouth

The reason of successfully putting your entire fist into your mouth is both small hands and a large mouth. Less than 20% of the entire population can do this.

Paralyzed finger trick

Generally people can’t move their ring finger, if your middle finger is folded. But if someone manage to move it, then they got a rare ability.


Only 20% of the population has this mark of cuteness and attractiveness. Some people even have plastic surgery to get this unique feature. Dimples can make you look young.

Tickling yourself

When you try to tickle yourself, your brain cancels the response of other brain areas to the tickle. But some people are able to tickle themselves. This ability could be a sign of a greater risk of schizophrenia as their brain cannot recognize this voluntary act.

Source: Brightside