Choose a color to know about your personality


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Web Desk: Your sense of choosing something can reveal a lot about your personality. It is also the easiest way to know a great deal about you.

Pick a color from these 10 colors. Be conscious while choosing a color.

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-Times of India


You are a leader and born to rule. You have a bossy mind with a generous soul and big heart. You can be a good analyzer and also have practical approach to life.  You don’t like to hold your emotions.


You are intellectual and friendly but don’t like people who are too shallow. You love travelling and exploring different people and cultures. You are a dreamer and love having company of dreamers.


You are caring, sensitive and soft-spoken. Your creativity has no boundry and you know well how to bring your thoughts into action. You are organized and future-oriented. Sometimes, you become shy and avoid expressing your emotions.


You are good at keeping your life balanced from all sides. You are optimistic and hate confrontations, maintain good relation with friends and love stability.


You love socializing. You are caring and dreamer. You are also a extrovert, energetic and spontaneous. You prefer living in the present and hiding their pain from others.


You are secretive, strong and passionate. You love to decide your own path. You have an independent and fearless nature. Sometime you become careless.


You are adventurer and seek thrill all your life. Sometime you feel pride which makes you fight with other. You are generous, free-spirited and entertaining.


You are creative and talented. You are a quiet soul who likes her alone time the most. You probably choose art to express yourself. You prefer hiding your personality with others.


You are perfectionist but have a lot of expectations from others which may lead of disappointment in your life. You love helping others.


You are enterprising, headstrong and have strong ethics. You voice your opinion easily, which makes you excellent leader. You hate taking advice from others. You are quiet persistent and can teach others the same.

Source: Timesofindia