Bollywood actors who went through plastic surgeries


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Web Desk: Almost everyone in the showbiz industry has undergone plastic surgeries to enhance their features and wonderful appearance. They all rely on surgeries to charm the masses.

Here is a list of those Bollywood male actors who want under the knife during their career.

King Khan

1) King Khan

He has undergone surgeries twice for Botox and other cosmetic treatments as well.

The chocolate boy

2) The Chocolate Boy

He has undergone rhinoplasty to give a new shape to his nose.


3) Ganglu

The actor has taken some treatment to cure his receding hairline.

Mr. Perfectionist

4) Mr. Perfectionist 

He had a Botox to reduce wrinkles on his face significantly.

Sallu Miyan

5) Sallu Miyan 

He relies on cosmetic that help him to retain his youthful appearance.

Anil Kapoor

6) Anil Kapoor

The actors might have taken cosmetic help to smoothen the flaws.


9) Khiladi Kumar

He has gone through hair transplant.

Source: Wittyfeed