American woman wakes up with British accent after a migraine



Web Desk: A shocking incident was happened that has challenged the medical practitioners and scientists. An American woman who suffered from severe migraines fell asleep and woke up with a British accent.

Former beauty queen Michelle Myers, from Buckeye, Arizona woke up with a London accent. She is suffering from a rare medical condition linked with neurological damage.

Researcher at the University of Texas says Foreign Accent Syndrome is a speech disorder that causes a sudden change to speech to that a native speaker is perceived to speak with a foreign accent and is most often caused by damage to the brain caused by a stroke or traumatic brain injury.

This was the third time when she has gone to sleep with a crippling headache only to find herself speaking with a new accent. For the first time, she ended up Irish. Then she woke up with an Australian accent. Therefore, this is the first time an accent has lasted more than a week.

Source: Deccanchronicle