#AikZarooriBaat breaks taboo, teaches how to prevent child abuse


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Child abuse and harassment, social media has been abuzz with these two words for quite some. #MeToo helped generate awareness amongst masses about such exploits by the bigwigs of Hollywood.

Similarly, in Pakistan the recent child abuse cases resulted into social media upheaval and protests were witnessed across the country against child molestation, urging government to take stern action against culprits.

Media played its role in sensitizing people, especially parents, about the issue. Parents are being urged to teach their children on how to counter such malicious advances and keep themselves safe from sexual exploits.

It’s common knowledge that only a small fraction of such incidents is reported, while majority of victims prefer to remain silent to protect their family’s honor. But time has come to break the taboo and talk to our children about this issue.

Knorr Pakistan has taken a bold step and come up with #AikZarooriBaat. The aim of this campaign is to help parents initiate conversations with their kids so that they become aware and capable of protecting themselves.

The campaign manifested in the form of 2 simple videos which are led by the brand’s much-loved mascots – Chuck & Chatty. They deliver the message in a manner that is engaging and easy to understand for children.

The videos talk about ‘Bad Touch’ and ‘Stranger Danger’ in an extremely thoughtful and delicate manner that helps explain the matter to kids in a very seamless and comprehensive way.

Kudos to the entire team behind this campaign for keeping our social norms in view and conveying the message in such a sensitive yet appropriate manner.

If you are a parent and want to talk to your child but don’t know how to initiate the conversation, then these videos are the answer to your problem.