Advanced way to boost your memory by 15 per cent



Web Desk: A study has shown that electric impulses passing through the brain can improve information retention and memory by up to 15 percent.

According to study, “A system is developed to monitor brain activity and trigger stimulation responsively based on the subject’s brain activity.”

Senior data scientist at University of Pennylvania, Youssef Ezzyat said, “We also identified a novel target for applying stimulation, the left lateral temporal cortex,”

In the research, a patient’s brain was monitored. The patient watched and attempted to absorb a list of words, and a computer tracking and recording brain signals made prediction based on those signals.

“During each new word the patient viewed, the system would record and analyze brain activity to predict whether the patient had learned it effectively. When the system detected ineffective learning, that triggered stimulation, closing the loop,” he added.

Source: Indianexpress