10 minutes walk is more beneficial for you than exercise



Web desk: Walking with speed for thrice a day can be more beneficial than walking 10,000 steps per day. Look how!

A current report has discovered that walking 10 minutes can have more medical advantages in contrast with practice exercise. A past report has demonstrated that walking could have beneficially affect mortality when contrasted with idleness.

From the research of Sheffield Hallam University professor, Michael Mosley, medical journalist found benefits of walking 10,000 steps a day. Mosley decided to replace benefits of 10,000 steps with physical activity called active 10.

The experiment was let with the help of members of factory in Sheffield. One group was given to walk 10,000 steps in a day which is equivalent to 5 miles. And other group was supposed to take three times 10 minutes speedy walk per day which is approx 1.5 miles and 3,000 steps. Results of activity in people for both group is approximately same and it is concluded that second group did lesser exercise, it turned out to be more beneficial form of physical activity.

Source: HindustanTimes