Why Subs are not as healthy as they look?


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Web desk: Sandwiches and subs are part of our daily life as our life become busy and due to hectic schedule usually when people want some healthy they prefer sandwiches but the question is that are they really as healthier as they purposed to be? Will they never spoil our health? These questions were answered by nutritionist here are some answers.

Highly processed:  According to Punam Pahuja Duneja, sports nutritionist sandwiches and subs contain hidden calories as the soc called 9-grain bread contain harmful ingredients to make it tastier. Ingredients like bleaching agents, food additives and dough conditioner all these make the bread apparently fresh but in actual they are harmful.

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Rotten vegetables: the vegetables are used in sandwiches or subs are chopped in morning and used till late night also they are stored and used these same vegetables to next day.

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Chemicals: saturated fats high levels of sodium, sugars, and preservatives are including in the sauce used in subs and sandwiches. According to the doctor Dueja these ingredients cause an onset of insulin resistance, impaired lipid profile, and atherosclerosis.

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Healthy diet: according to Dr. Duneja to fulfill your hunger need try to consume homemade food and another option is while eating sandwiches or subs try to use sauce like mustard sauce, sweet onion sauce, vinaigrette and ranch also you can take grilled veggies or tandori chicken.

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