Why does the inner core of the earth never melt?



Web Desk: The earth is divided into inner core, outer core, lower mantle, upper mantle and the crust. But earth’s innermost section is inner core because it is as hot as the sun’s surface.

Scientists discovered many of earth’s secrets and gave a logical answer of many mysteries. But did you ever wonder why does the inner core of the earth never melt?

A researcher at the department of Physics at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, found that at the pressure of earth is 3.5 million times higher than surface weight and temperatures are in range of 6,000°C higher.

Due to outrageous temperature and weight, particles are set in motion, which causes nuclear instability in the iron core, distorting the iron crystals into a fluid. On the inward core’s edge, crystal’s structure relentlessly melt and diffuse just to be reinserted because of high pressure like ‘Shuffling deck of cards’.

Energy distribution cycle keeps the crystal stable and the center strong.

The scientists employed computer simulations to exhibit that in the core’s extreme heat, atoms are set in motion because of the high amplitude.

The research concluded that devastates crystal structure transforming them into the fluid, as a result, diffusion allows the protection of the strong structure of core.

Source: Wittyfeed