Which food is good for your skin diet?



Web desk: Balanced and healthy diet can help you to look fresh. Likewise, eating for your skin will give you clear and nourished skin. To look naturally beautiful you should use these type of foods:

Tomatoes: It is fruit full of vitamin C which help to boost up healthy skin.

Olive oil: olive oil contains monounsaturated fatty acids which give enchanting looks to your skin. Also polyphenols, an antioxidant present in olive oil reduces damage free radicals

Carrot: due to the presence of beta carotene carrot gives your skin natural glow especially in winter season it helps to prevent dry skin.

Pumpkin:  baked pumpkin is a source of beta carotene and in rich in vitamin A, it helps t grow skin cells.

Kiwi: it is enrich in vitamin C and helps to tighten the skin and smoothen the face lines. It keeps your body hydrated too.

Coffee: it will help in growth of cell and make your skin hydrated. It increases the elasticity of your body.

Eggs: Eggs have ability to tighten the skin so they are good source of oil free skin. Eggs are source of protein so it will give you wrinkle free skin.

Almond milk: it is a hub of all nutrients like iron, protein, calcium and vitamin B which are really good for our skin.

Orange peel: peel of oranges is really helpful in prevention from damage through UV radiations. It keeps your skin hydrated.

Green tea: it helps to enhance your blood circulation which will help your skin oxygen and make it glowing.

Fatty fish:  fishes contain omega 3 which will help to nourish your skin.

Sweet potatoes:  it helps to prevent from UV radiation cause damaging of skin.

Papaya: enzymes present in papaya have ability to remove dead skin cells. And give you clear skin.

Spinach: it helps in cleaning of acne due to presence of vitamin A, C, E and K.

Milk:  it helps to make your skin soft and applying milk directly on your skin give you fair skin and tighten your skin too.
source:  NDTV