What your nails reveal about your personality?



Web Desk: Everyone has different shape of nails, a scientist from Nigeria admitted that the natural shape of nails like fingerprints may contain information about someone’s personality.

Identify your nail shape.

Broad, long and rectangular nails

You are calm, pragmatic, balanced, independent people with a broad mindset. You are reliable and have an acute sense of responsibility for your words and actions.

Small square nail

You are sharp, flexible and resourceful people with a quick wit. You also tend to be greedy and aggressive.

Long and narrow nails

People with a long and narrow nails are generally egoistic and opportunistic. They love having luxurious life and also demand attention.

Short nails

They are short-tempered and impatient. They always strive to have their way and are incorrigible perfectionists.

Almond shaped nail

You are dedicated, tender and romantic. You have a idealistic view. You are very sentimental. Soft and easy to offend.

Triangular nails

You are artistic but your mood change constantly, always on edge and prone to nervous breakdowns. You want to become famous and hate losing.

Source: Brightside