What your birth month tells about you?



Web Desk: The month in which you born can reveal you personality. When were you born? Every month tells a different story.

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The people, who born in January are pretty or handsome. They love to dress up but also easily bored. They rarely show their emotions and need time to heal when hurt. They are also sensitive, down-to-earth and stubborn.


They have abstract thoughts and love reality and fiction. They are intelligent, clever, charming, temperamental, quiet, shy, honest and humble.  They are determined to reach goal and love freedom. They are very sensitive and easily get hurt. They realize dreams and hopes. They are romantic on the inside not outside.


You have a charming personality. You are loving, humble and reserved and secretive. Naturally, you are respectable, generous and compassionate. You are a peace lover but easily angered. You appreciate others. Hardly show emotions and tends to bottle up feelings.


They are sophisticated and compromising. They are funny, humorous, stubborn and talkative. They work better alone. They are very bold, sensitive and concerned and detailed. They have a positive attitude and generous thinking. They are clever, knowledgeable and love to look for information. Able to cheer everyone up and make them laugh. They love sports, music, leisure and traveling. They are sociable, hyper and have a bubbly personality.


They are strong-willed and highly motivated with a sharp thoughts. They get easily annoyed but can attract other and also love attention. They have deep feelings and are beautiful physically and mentally. They do not need motivation. They love to dream and have a creative imagination. They love roaming, literature and arts.


You have the best personality. You love making new friends and be sociable. You more likely to have a very attractive personality. You have a great taste in movies and can also become a famous actor/actress yourself. You have got the looks for it.


They are secretive, friendly, approachable, emotional, temperamental and unpredictable. They remain quiet unless excited or tensed. They concern about people’s feelings and also get hurt easily. They are bright and sparkly but not revengeful. Treats others equally and judge them through observations. They get easily hurt and take time to recover.


You have outgoing and adventurous personality. They are kind hearted, self-confident and very revengeful. they love talking and singing and like music. They are daydreamer and absent-minded. They hate not being trusted and hate studying. They live by ‘no pain no gain’. They are independent, stubborn, caring, unique, ambiguous and strong willed.


They are vibrant, sophisticated and active. They haste but tend to regret. They love attention, traveling and exploring. They are sharp and friendly. Usually they have many friends and also have good memory.


They are talkative and love those who love them. They have inner and physical beauty. They treat friends importantly. They get easily hurt but recover easily. They are bold and fearless. They don’t care to control emotions.


They are daydreamer, playful, confident and stubborn. They are fearless and can hold their own stand out in a crowd. They are trustworthy and loyal, also passionate and dangerous. They are beautiful physically and mentally.


They are the most good-looking person. They are loyal and liberal and competitive in everything. They are active and intercommunications. They are impatient, hasty and well-organized. They are easily motivated, friendly and soft-spoken. They are very choosy and always want the best. They have good debating skills and always have a special person on mind. They are more prone to get colds.

Source: Hangovercure.me