What really makes Padmaavat highly controversial?



Web Desk: Bollywood’s highly controversial movie Padmaavat finally released on January 25 by the support of artists’ who stood by director Sanjay Leela Bhansali and his team.

These are the factors that make the film highly controversial.

Padmaavat was simply based on a fictional poem that was written some 700 years ago. In the story, Padmaavati and other Rajput women jumped into the fire after defeated by Alauddin Khilji.

Bhansali put an old woman who dressed very unfashionable, she is a widow and did not jump into the pyre of her dead husband. This reveals that the movie was against sati.

There was a Jauhar in the movie as an act of courage, valour and women empowerment. She gave an idea that Rajput men did not force Rajput woman to jump into the fire to protect them from invaders, but it was their own will.

She stands accused of glorifying the india’s saddest practice that snatched women the right to live after the death of his husband. This shows that woman has no life beyond her husband.

In the entire movie, there were multiple scene man treats women regressively. Mammootty played the role of cocksure cop who treated women aggressively and also insulted them.

Source: Indianexpress