What is your brain doing, when you’re sleeping?



Web Desk: When you are sleeping you are unconscious, unaware, drooling and twitching, but your brain is still performing some activities.

According to Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School, your body first passes through a stage called non-rapid eye movement, or NREM stage 1. Next, you move into NREM 2 and NREM 3 before finally settling into rapid eye movement.

Here are 8 amazing things happen to your brain when you are sleeping.

You get a cleaning

A research found that waste removal systems in the brain are activated during sleep, allowing time to clear away toxic trash that would otherwise pile up and cause problem. According to Sleep Science, cerebral spinal fluid is pumped more quickly throughout the brain while you sleep.

You create and consolidate memories

When we shut our eyes, the brain shuttles short-term information and events into long-term memory. This will important to remember information. According to the National Institutes of Health, “Sleep after learning is essential to help save and cement that new information into the architecture of the brain, meaning that you’re less likely to forget it.”

You are paralyzed

During REM, the neuron part of your brain shut down which cause temporary paralysis. The paralysis typically lasts about 20 minutes.

Restore energy

Sleep at night makes you ready for the next morning. Poor sleep can drive your brain to seek high-calorie and you probably gain weight.

You make decisions

A study found that the brain processes difficult issues during sleep, this will help you to formulate a decision after waking up.

 You become disengaged

During the deeper stage of sleep, your brain becomes detaches from reality and helps explain the weird behaviors that can crop up like walking and talking in your sleep.

Your creativity blossoms

A research found that sleep can make remote associations between pieces of information that our conscious daytime brain would see as separate.

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