What helps you reduce depression?


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Web Desk: Probiotics are live microscopic organism and yeasts that are useful for our well being, particularly related to our stomach. Consuming diet rich in probiotics helps you to keep healthy and fit also help to protect against depression, find a mice study.

The study shows that rats that lived on fatty diet have behaviors like depression while the rats that have more probiotics intake have neutral behavior. More over rats that did not take probiotics cause increase number of white blood cells in their brain tissues. Which can be indication of chronic inflammation, and it’s additionally found in fatty tissues and liver of overweight people and diabetics.

According to Anders Abildgaard researcher at the Aarhus University in Denmark “probiotics helps you to reprogram the immune system. According to the study the rats counterbalance the outcomes of the fatty diet routine with the assistance of probiotics”. He added “probiotics works in intestine and effect on our brain and help to reduce depression”

Another study published in the journal Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, the rats were divided into two groups and were fed more fatty and fibreless diet and the other group drank water with probiotics it is observed that after twelve weeks the group which has more inlet of probiotics was behaving depression free while other group was behaving depressing.

The study in Abildgaardthe is not as it is applied on people but to some extent it is rightly be said that probiotics helps people to get rid of depression.

Source: Hindustantimes