US man sent to prison after he bit off a chunk of his wife’s nose



Connecticut: A Connecticut man who bit off a chunk of his wife’s nose, permanently disfiguring her, has been sent to prison for more than six years.

The Hartford Court reports that 55-year-old Rodwell Clay was sentenced Tuesday after pleading under the Alford doctrine to a first-degree assault charge. That means while he does not agree with all the state’s allegations, he acknowledges there is enough evidence to convict.

Prosecutors say Clay bit his wife in their Bloomfield home in August 2015. The couple has since divorced and the victim says she wants nothing to do with Clay, who she says stalked, harassed and threatened her during their marriage.

Clay told the judge he still loves the victim, but apologized only after being prompted by his attorney.

Clay was sentenced to 15 years in prison, with six and a half to serve, and three years’ probation.

Source: AP