Earthquake of 6.1 magnitude strikes Pakistan, region


KARACHI: High magnitude earthquake struck Afghanistan on Wednesday. The quake was so intense that its tremors were felt in parts of Pakistan and India, Aaj News reported.

According to reports, federal capital Islamabad, Lahore, Gujrat, Fiasalabad, Peshawar, Sawat, Kalakot, Muzafarabad, Dir Bala, Upper Dir and other parts of the country were hit by an intense earthquake with 6.1 magnitude.

The quake hit at 0707 GMT near Afghanistan’s northern border with Tajikistan in the Hindu Kush mountains at a depth of 191 kilometres (119 miles), the US Geological Survey said.

At least one infant was killed and nine of her family members reported injured in southwest Pakistan’s Balochistan province, following the collapse of a roof on their home, a local official said.

The epicentre was near Afghanistan’s Jarm, which was hit by a devastating 7.5 magnitude quake in October 2015 that triggered landslides and flattened buildings, killing more than 380 people across the region.