Top 8 beauty hacks every girl should know



Web Desk: You come to know many beauty and makeup hacks through social networking websites. There are so many home remedies for a perfect look.

Look at the list of 8 beauty and makeup tricks that can become your daily routine.

Toothpaste + baking soda for blackheads


Mix toothpaste with baking soda together and rub it on your nose, chin, forehead with the help of toothpaste for a few minutes. Then wash it with warm water.

Warning: Toothpaste is not suitable for sensitive skin.

Trim your fringe


Match lip and nail color

Image result for same lip and nail shade


It is the coolest hack. Try to apply same color of lip gloss and nail polish.

Mascara as eyeliner

Use Mascara as Eye Liner - 40 DIY Beauty Hacks That Are Borderline Genius


If you don’t have an eyeliner, then you can use mascara and use it as an eyeliner as shown in the picture.

Fresh look

Make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury on how to do great eyeliner, via a magical press release - Fashion Videos - Telegraph


If you have a dark circle, just apply white or cream eyeliner inside the lower waterline and voila.

Ponytail lift

11 life-changing ponytail hacks


If you want to lift ponytail, just use 2 bobby pins underneath it.

Pimple redness reduction

Use eye drops to remove the redness of a pimple


Apply one or two drops of eyedrops solution with the help of cotton pad and press it against the pimple. Leave it for a few seconds and then remove.

Eyeliner with a bobby pin

How to Apply Eyeliner - Hacks, Tips, and Tricks for Begginners ★ How to Apply Eyeliner for Beginners picture 1 ★ See more: #makeup #makeuplover #makeupjunkie #eyeliner #howtoapplyeyeliner #liquideyeliner #geleyeliner #makeuptutorial


Apply liquid eyeliner on the edge of the bobby pin, and press it onto your skin. Then color inside the shape and finish the rest of the line.

Crayon lipstick


Mix crayon with coconut oil and apply it on your lips.

Source: Brightside