Top 14 mesmerizing facts about hypnosis you’ll want to know



Web Desk: Hypnosis is used to make someone do something they want. It is also way to access your self-conscious. Some therapists use it as a calming and relaxing tool to help people with a number of mental health problems.

Here are top 14 mesmerizing facts about hypnosis you will want to know.

Hypnotherapy gives guidance and helps patients to overcome a psychological problem.


According to study, some people have been able to quit smoking after being hypnotized.

quit smoking

A study suggests that under hypnosis the brain goes into another neurophysiological state.


This allows people to overcome insomnia and prevent sleepwalking.

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Some people are more prone to the affects of hypnosis and hypnosis suggestibility.


It should not be used on people with intense mental illnesses.mental health

It also unlocks the brain’s memory and help people to find lost items or recall old memories.


Self-hypnosis can be used to change your self-perception.


Hypnotherapy allows the child to gain a sense of control, increase self-esteem and competence and reduce stress.


Hypnosis helps to achieve your goal, putting you in a relaxed and keep you on track.

self discipline

Hypnosis can help people to overcome fear and phobias.


A common hypnosis technique is to mentally guide a person down a staircase.

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Diet, exercise and hypnosis are combined to shed pounds.

weight loss

It can also overcome pain by changing the sensation, behavior and thought o the patient.


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