Top 10 tricks to control your body


Web Desk: There are many body’s activities that are deliberate and we have no control on them. These deliberate action let us down at the most inappropriate moments.

Here are 10 top tricks that can help you to cope with the widespread problems of your body.

To get rid of a headache

Put your hands under cold running water for a few minute. Then rub the skin of your hand with a dry towel until you have a burning feeling. Thus, if you have problems with your heart and blood vessels, you would better skip this method.

To get rid of sleepiness

If you feel sleepy, hold your breath for as long as you can then breathe it out slowly. It increases your heart rate and wakes you up.

To hold sneeze

To hold your sneeze, just press the upper part of your nose with your fingers and rub it or pull it forward.

To hold in laughter

If you can’t control your laughter, just pinch yourself or bite your tongue a bit.

To raise your spirit

If you are in a bad mood, hold a pencil between your teeth. It activates the smiling muscles that deceive your brain and raise your spirit.

To get rid of acne

To stop the appearance of acne, rinse yourself with cool water at the end of your shower.

To stop tears

If you want to stop yourself from crying, try to open your eyes wide and keep them like that for as long as possible without blinking. Also, look upward only with your eyes without bending your head.

To reduce pain

If you want lessen painful effect, use swearing method. Swearing is such a common response to pain that there has to be an underlying reason why we do it.

To get rid of vertigo

If you want to get rid of vertigo, put your forefinger inside your ear, then pull it carefully upward, then forward then downward. It will improve your condition by regulating  intracranial pressure.

Source: Brightside