This is how each Zodiac sign deals with sadness



Web Desk: The ways people express their sadness, are different from person to person. Due to the Zodiac sign, we all have some certain strength and weakness.

If you want to know what your stars say about how you express and deal with sadness.


When aries are sad, they get impulsive and may lash out on you. They become aggressive and try to cover their sadness with rage.


They isolate themselves. Instead of being practical, they tend to opt for comfort vices such as binge eating. They have less patience and get angry easily.


They are over thinkers and prefer to stay quiet and could dissociate from their feelings for a while.


They are emotional. When they are sad, they separate themselves from the crowd.


They show their sadness and anger to others. If someone ignore their feelings, they could act as victims and could grumble about every small thing.


Sadness makes them compulsive. They avoid wasting their time in depression and sadness. They don’t even express their sadness from their face.


They tend to swallow their anger and sadness. They pretend as nothing is wrong. But if they open up, their anger and sadness could lead to disaster.


When they are sad they become extremely hostile and become isolated. They behave violently when they are angry and depressed.


They could easily succumb to sadness and depression. Even when they are moderately sad, they become lethargic.


They are overthinkers, when they are sad, they become hopeless and unmotivated.


When they are sad, they don’t talk to anyone. They pretend as everything is fine with them.


They are obsessive thinkers, they can never forget that has ever happened to them. They can easily let depression and anxiety overwhelm them.

Source: Timesofindia