These 6 surprising inventions were invented by women



Web desk: Ladies are in charge of numerous creations we use in our regular day to day existence, some of which will shock you. Shockingly, it has not been simple for ladies to accomplish the acknowledgment that accompanies a fruitful item. We ought to be appreciative for these manifestations, momentous or commonplace, for the enhancements and accommodations they bring.

The Apgar Scoring System



All newborn babies are tested after the first five minutes of their lives to check their medical condition and give them instant care if needed It is crucial to determine their medical condition and provide immediate care if needed. Now the test is known as an acronym: Appearance, Pulse, Grimace, Activity and Respiration. However, it was named for the inventor, Virginia Apgar

The foot-pedal trash can



Two women Lillan Frank and Gilbreth work on this but unfortunately after death of Gilbreth.Lillan Frank invented the foot pedal trash can which is very useful in kitchen and our homes




The other name of this game is landlord’s game and it is invented by Elizabeth 1904 she got patenet of $500 for this game.

The paper bag



It is a useful invention, invented by Margaret Knight in 1871. She got patent money of this invention.

The dishwasher



Josephine Cochrane was the inventor of dishwasher this was her successful invention later on she establish her own company after her death in 1916 Hobart bought his company and renamed as Wirlpool cooperation.

The solar house



A researcher Maria Telkes and an architect Eleanor Raymond presented an idea of solar house in 1950, they named the house Dover House.