These 5 food combinations should be avoided



Web Desk: Whatever we eat will impact our body positively or negatively. Therefore we should prefer healthy food instead of tasty. Sometimes, the wrong combination of ingredients can severely affect our health.

These 5 food combos should be avoided to remain healthy. Have a look.

Wheat bread and Jam


Wheat beard is combined with sweets, similarly, jam are also sweet. However, combination of them is a double dose of sugar, which causes a rapid glucose surge. Initially it boosts energy but then make you exhausted.

Pizza and Soda


Combination of carbs, protein and starch require lots of energy for digestion. Additionally, soda that contains sugar slow down stomach processes and make your stomach heavy. As a result of full stomach, sugar can’t get to intestine. Their combination can lead to many stomach problems.

Tip: Any food which contains high sugar should be consumed 1-1.5 hours later after you eat.

Cheese pasta and Tomatoes


Cheese pasta is so rich, it requires special ferment, ptyalin for digestion. Secondly, Tomatoes contain acids like malic, oxalic, citric which break this ferment down. This leads to the hindering of starch digestion.

Salad and lemon or vinegar dressing


Vegetables contain special vitamins and nutrients which require fats for proper absorption. Dressing salad with lemon or vinegar deprives us from a great deal of healthy foods.

 Milk and Cocoa


Cocoa contains Oxalic acid which blocks calcium absorption. When cocoa combine with calcium, it forms oxalate crystal which is bad for your kidney.

Source: Brightside