These 8 marketing tricks persuade you to buy more products



Web Desk: Market companies sometimes manipulate you to buy more than we actually need. They use various strategies to change for desires into needs, as a result we go to buy one thing but end up with heap of products.

Here are the 8 marketing tricks that persuade us to buy more products and spend more money.

Positive Emotions


Modern marketing specialist creates an environment of celebration. They also create the feeling of a safety and attract people with tasty smell, friendly sellers and bright wrappers.

Attractive packing


Companies design a products packing in a way that seem to be more trustworthy and healthy. Like picture of drops of water cause an urge to refresh, so people buy it again and again.

Food in the picture


On social media or restaurant menus, they show photos that look beautiful, familiar and pleasant, these mouthwatering pictures make customer think how tasty it will be.

Cheap prices


It’s human psychology to buy products at the lower price than usual, but there are often discounts on goods that are about to expire.

Marketing companies highlights the low prices. Big whole sale trick also works well.

Foreign Language


Companies use foreign languages to make people think that it is a foreign product and their expensiveness is fair.

Goods in front of your eyes


People focus more on the products which are placed in a special way. The marketing specialists identify the most popular spots where people usually focus their attention.

Healthy Food


Branded products seem as a healthy lifestyle. Manufactures know that if consumers know that food is organic, they will buy it more, no matter how expensive it is.

Celebrities in advertisement

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-Stoppress communication

When we see a banner or adv in which our favorite actor or sportsman is holding a bottle of Coco-Cola or a packet of chips, we were like, ‘They eat this too’.

To join their lifestyle, we persuade to take that too.

Source: Brightside