Ten websites to increase intelligence level



Web Desk: We all want to increase our intelligence level. Therefore, despite of wasting your time by scrolling through social media, chatting with friends or posting unnecessary stuffs, utilized it on something more useful.

Here is the list of 10 such sites that can help you to increase your mental skills

Free Rice

It is a site that donates rice grain to those who correctly answered multiple choice questions. They offer questions to test your knowledge, for each correct answer they give 10 grain of rice.


This is the best platform for education seekers, they offer online courses from the world’s best universities and organization.


It enhances your mental abilities. This website worth spending some time.


This is free app available for smartphone called ‘Brain Trainer Games”. It offers variety of different puzzles.


It is a cost-free platform that can help you to learn different languages. You can also learn new things and gain knowledge through articles and documents.

Open Culture

This gives you free information about education and culture.


IT is a website for teachers and students that have interesting educational videos.


It is an online platform that enables you to take part in multifunctional science projects.


It is a valuable website for students, teachers and talented people who want to share their knowledge and skill, they also be rewarded for their work.


This website conducts a lot of tests and exercises to improve memory, counting skills, attention and intelligence.

Source: Brightside