Ten strange laws we may have broken today



Web Desk: We all love to abide the laws, but there are more chances that we have broken law today, without even realizing it.

There are some laws in the world that are so strange like possessing permanent markers in public was against the law.

Have a look at 10 strange laws enforced in the different countries of the world.

Talking to people in the elevator


In New York, it is against the law to talk to people in the elevator. People are supposed to stay staring straight towards the door.



Downloading anything without paying for it, is considered as a crime.



In most of the cities, you can only cross road from zebra crossing, otherwise you can get fined.

Photographing rabbits


Photographing rabbit is considered as a crime, you must need a permit to take their photos.

Walking a dog

dog with diaper

In Temperance, Mississippi, it is illegal to walk your dog unless it’s wearing a diaper.

Registering with a fake name


Creating fake profiles or registering using a fake name can be crime.

Sharing your online password


Sharing your password could potentially be prosecutable.

Sleeping with your shoes on

sleep with shoes on

Sleeping without taking off your shoes is illegal. This rule is still not enforced but is on the books.

Leaving Christmas decoration

christmas decorations

In some state like Maine, it is considered as illegal to leave up your Christmas decorations for more than 2 weeks into January.



Cursing in public is illegal in Mississippi.

Putting coins in your ears

Image result for putting coin in ear

In some place like Hawaii, it is against the law to put coins in your ears.

Source: List25