Ten hilarious logics in cartoon that just hard to explain



Web Desk: We love to watch cartoons regardless of our age. They are not realistic and we don’t expect that to it though. We are happy to let a little magic into our life.

Here are some hilarious moments in cartoon that violate all the laws of logic. Have a look at ridiculous cartoon scenes.


Arthur is cheating with us, he put headphones next to his ears, he could still listen everything.

SpongeBob SquarePants

Just like author, Sponge bob also wear headphones wrongly.

The Simpsons

We all thought it was their hair, but it was the shape of their skulls instead.

Hey Arnold

It seems that Arnold doesn’t care about a date of birth, the fact of birth itself is enough for him.

The Powerpuff girls

Although it is not easy to eat with chopsticks, even though you have fingers, but she can perfectly do it without any finger.

Goofy and Pluto

In Disney universe there is a hierarchy of dogs where one dog walks with another dog.

The Smurfs

They can easily escape from this cell, but still they prefer to stay inside. They may not want any violation.

Donald Duck

He is pretending like he is shy because he is naked, but he never wears pants.

Duck Family

It is really strange that ducks are having chicken in lunch.

Minnie Mouse

Minnie got scared of her fellow mice, how hilarious it is!

Courage the cowardly dog

It doesn’t look like a very convincing detention, What’s the problem with this duck?

Source: Brightside