Teens spending biggest chunk of their budget on fast food outlets: Report



ISLAMABAD: Teenagers spend the biggest chunk of their budget on eating out in fast food restaurants with their friends and colleagues during lunch hours in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, as fast food business is flourishing all over the country.

According to a report aired by private news channel, mostly school going, college, university students and young employees are having the lunch time at food outlets.

As fast food is gaining much allure in the country, dining out become a culture, that was usually seen among upper middle class or elites, once in a month or so; but with the changing habits and coming up of fast food chains in Pakistan by late 90s, people from every class especially young girls and boys are seen at the eating spots almost daily.

Their profiles can’t be completed without uploading pictures and posting statuses of being hanged out with friends. Many international food chains are also enjoying the show in the city; there businesses are also flourishing with this revolution.

Unlimited restaurants and food shacks are now found in every city or street to meet people’s demands. People are much tempted towards fast food and like to have it routinely by moving to food places.

Every time at all hours every restaurant seems to be seated with people which itself signifies the overpowering likeness for fast food in Pakistan.

Ayesha Ahmad, an 18 year old student said exam time, generally considered The most stressful period during a school year, is when students feel the need to relax with a good meal from their favourite restaurants.

Another teen Yusra Azam said, “I love to eat lunch in restaurant with my besties as the tastes of resturants are so good and we often keep eating fast food”.  –APP