Stop consuming ginger if you‘re dealing with these health condition


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Web Desk: Ginger is a root solution of many diseases, but it has some limitations. In certain conditions, ginger had many health hazards.

Therefore, stop consuming ginger if you’re suffering from one of these.

Underweight People

Ginger regulates the digestive enzymes in the stomach and also reduces appetite which leads to weight loss. Therefore, if you are underweight, stop consuming it. People with low body mass can also experience hair loss and vitamin deficiency.

People with blood disorder

Consuming ginger can be risky for those who are suffering from Haemophilia, it is a condition which stops blood clotting.  People with Haemophilia may actually suffer severe haemorrhage due to increased blood circulation in the body.


You can intake ginger during the initial weeks of pregnancy but it is strictly forbidden during the last periods, because it can induce premature contractions and labor.

People on certain medication

If you are suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure then avoid taking ginger because your medicines contain drugs like beta-blocker, anticoagulants and insulin. All these can be harmful when mixed with ginger.

Source: doctors.ndtv