Six unbelievable uses of cold drink


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Web Desk: It is true that cold drinks are not good for your health, but it can come handy and can be used in everyday life.

Have a look on the surprising usage of cold drinks to resolve your daily life task.

Cleans a burned pan

It is used to clean a burned pan. Pour some black cold drink and leave it for some time. It’s acidic properties will help you to clean the dirt.

Homemade BBQ sauce

Cold drink can be used to make homemade sauce. Mix a can of cold drink with some ketchup and spice.

Remove maker stain

You can easily apply cold drink to the stains, scrub it and then use soap mixed in water to clean up finally.

Hair care

It will be really shocking, but it is true. Cold drink contains phosphoric acid which will help you to get rid of cuticles and enhance natural curl. It can also give your hair a great volume.


Pour some cold drink into the soil to reduce its pH, which helps to make it grow well. It also improves the quality of fertilizers.

Vintage charm to photos

Acidic properties of the aerated drinks can be helpful to turn your pictures into vintage mode. Just dip the picture in cold drink and let it dry.

Source: Timesofindia