Six things you should not do to your car



Web Desk: Modern cars provide you lots of safety features that keeps everything running smoothly, including blocking the conflicting commands and warning the drivers about potential issues. But here are some certain things you should not do with your car.

Have a look.

Don’t press ‘off engine’ while driving


Never press ‘off engine’ button while driving because it can speed up your driving speed.

Don’t select ‘park’ while driving


Don’t press park button while driving because it will block safety commands also gave conflicting orders which can damage your car.

Don’t attach to many keys to the ignition key


Too many keys can be quiet heavy that could damage your ignition switch over time.

Change oil


Follow the manufacturer’s specification on how often to change the oil because some manufacturers use very thin oil when the cars leave the factory and this oil must be changed at about 1000 km.

Don’t overfill the engine


Dipstick indicates you about full point. Fill the engine just to this level not more than that. Overfill can cause catastrophic failure and smoke elimination from the corners of the cars.

Don’t wait until the fuel tank is empty


Even the cleanest petrol also has some particles and gravity keeps it at the bottom of your petrol tank. If you drive on fumes, this residue gets sucked into the engine. Its better to fill up the car when it gets to about one-quarter of the tank.

Source: Brightside