Six Living things that should not exists but do


Web desk: Nature has demonstrated that vacuumed is difficult to keep up while some kinds of animals that is un-fit for our society but exists in the world.

  1. Pitohuis, the Poison Birds of New Guinea:

It is a bird found in rainforest of New Guinea having toxic feathers. Researcher Dumbacher found that the reason of toxic feather is poison bearing beetles that is consumed by bird in great quantity.

  1. Ocean lizard:

Marine Iguana is the only lizard of ocean on the planet. These lizards are 3 feet in length with weight of 22 pounds. These are look like a small group of dinosaurs.  Iguana is a reptile that has aced the ocean, pulling out on rocks like an ocean lion in the middle of plunges underneath the waves.

  1. Fresh water shark:

Sharks are usually not found in fresh water but Bull sharks are the specie that is found in fresh water. We thought lake water is free from sharks but in Lake Nicaragua many people died because of shark, bull shark.

  1. Meat eating parrot:

The parrot named Kea found in New Zealand acts like a vulture or hawk. It is the only specie of parrot that has ability to bear extremely cold weather. Kea attack on mammals and eat their meat.

  1. Plant eating spiders:

Bagheera kiplingi is the special specie of spider which relies on plants or sometimes on the larvae of ants. They consist on beltian body with huge eyes.

  1. Vegetarian vultures:

Vultures are the symbol of death for humans or other living things but this special vulture eat fruit of the kosi pal, date palm and Acacia.