Six easy exercises for hair growth



Web Desk: We do lots experiments on our hair to make it healthy and strong, but never do the simplest thing which is exercise. Workout is not good for body but also do well for your hair.

Here are the six easy exercises that can help you to attain softer, longer, smoother and shinier hair.

  • The best exercise for hair growth is cardio since the intense workout increase the production of sebum, this coats each strands of hair and prevent drying of the scalp and mane. It will also help you to get rid of the toxins from body.
  • Hanging upside down may also increase the hair production. Backbends or inverted poses help to increase blood supply to the scalp. It definitely reduces hair loss.
  • Movements of the neck and head increase blood flow and oxygen circulation. This will reduce hair loss and gives you damage-free hair.
  • Stretching helps you to reduce the build-up of acid in the cells and muscles and leads to reduce hair fall.
  • Yoga is excellent for promoting better hair. It is also helpful for reducing stress, increasing concentration and circulating blood well in the region of the scalp.
  • Massaging the base of neck and the shoulder help in re-growth of hair. You can massage your left shoulder with your right hand and vice versa.

Source: Stylecraze