Six benefits of eating food with hands


-Postcards from Yonder

Web Desk: Some people think it is unhygienic and awkward to eat food with hands, we generally pick up the spoon when we are in company or eating in a party or restaurant. But in actual eating with our hands has a special affects on our health.

Have a look on 6 amazing benefits of eating food with hands that will surely provoke you to quit using spoons.

Increase blood circulation

Eating with hands is a sort of muscle exercise that will increase your blood circulation.

Intensifies sensual connection with food

Whenever you eat food with hands, you feel an unsaid connection with food. Physiologist said, “Eating with your fingers helps in establishing a connection with what you are eating and therefore, you eat mindfully.”

Better digestion

When you eat food with hands, we curve it in a form that activates the sensory organs that help food to get digested well. When your hands touch your food, the nerves on the finger tips experience it and then send signals to the brain which instructs the body to release digestive juices.

Activates body parts

Our fingertips are related to heart, third eye, solar plexus etc. When we use hands to eat food, the move and touch activates body parts and benefits us in every possible way.

You know your food is hot

When you touch your food, it makes you realize that how much your food is hot. In this way, you can easily protect the sensitive tissues of the tongue.

It is hygienic

Human hands are more hygienic than any spoon and chopsticks.

P.S: Eating food with hands is Sunnah as our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH used to it with hands