Should you wear sunglasses in the winters?


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Web Desk: According to the experts, winter sun sits lower in the sky and at a different angle than summer months. In fact, it leads to more exposure to harmful sun rays. However, winter brings with it a double threat to the eyes.

Here are 5 beneficial reasons of wearing sun glasses in the winters

Sunglasses protect the eyes from glare

Wintry precipitation is an extremely bright reflections of sunlight, which cause glare and impair vision. It is more dangerous while driving and skiing. However, wear sunglasses to protect eyes from glare.

Sunglasses prevent from sun’s UV rays

UV rays damage the corneas in the eyes which later lead to cataract. Quality sunglasses can filter harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays. And also protect your skin around the eyes.

Sunglasses as wind barriers

Winters are windy which can cause corneal abrasions. You can wear sunglasses as a wind barrier and can prevent the windblown particles from entering the eyes.

Sunglasses prevent headaches

The pupil in the eye controls the inflow of light reaching the retina, but it can’t constrict enough while we are under the sun which causes squinting to limit the amount of light entering the eyes. This leads to headache and eyestrain.

Sunglasses improve vision

Eyes need the right amount of light for better vision and well-being of retinas. Too much light could affect your vision. Therefore, wearing high-quality sunglasses is crucial even in winters.

Source: Hindustantimes