Shahbaz gives final warning to sugar mill owners


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 LAHORE:Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Wednesday warned that he has given enough time to sugar mill owners and no more time will be given.

He said this while presiding over a meeting through video link, which was held to review matters pertaining to payments to the sugarcane farmers.

The chief minister expressed his strong indignation over the complaints of deduction in weight and procurement of sugarcane from farmers at lesser rates and issued final warning of 48 hours to the sugar mill owners to mend their ways.

Shahbaz said all possible steps would be taken to protect the interests of farmers, adding that owners of sugar mills buying sugarcane at lesser rates would be arrested without any discrimination.

He directed that general managers of the mills which were found purchasing sugarcane at lesser rates would also be arrested and no leniency would be shown in this regard.

Sharif said that any violation of the decided formula with regard to deduction in weight would not be tolerated and implementation of this formula would be ensured in letter and spirit.

He said that Commissioners, DCs, RPOs and DPOs concerned would have to play their effective role to protect the rights of sugarcane farmers, othewise strict action would be taken against them.