Repeat these 8 steps at night to enhance your beauty


-Consumer Health Digest

Web Desk: Night is the best time to become beautiful, because while you are sleeping, your whole body recuperates and your efforts are multiplied.

Here are the 8 very effective things you should do before going to sleep.

Make an aloe vera facial mask

Aloe Vera helps to whiten your skin, get rid of pimples and prevent wrinkles, it’s a right mask for every type of skin. Apply Aloe Vera twice a week.

Apply Vitamin E mask under your eyes

Skin under the eyes is very sensitive and more prone to get wrinkles. Apply Vitamin E mask before going to bed. You can also add olive oil or fish oil for better effect. Use only few drops of Vitamin E, to prevent swelling or irritations. Repeat the process once a week.

Apply castor oil to your eyelashes and brows

Wash your face, then apply castor oil to your eyelashes and eye brows with the help of old mascara brush, it will be helpful for rapid hair growth. Repeat it daily.

Apply coconut oil to your lips

Coconut oil will moist you lips. Apply it on your lips before going to bed so that your lipstick would be perfect in the morning.

Moisten hair

To recover your hair from the polluted environment, use a homemade spray before going to sleep. You can make the spray by mixing vinegar, water and a pulverizer.

Apply Vaseline on your hair tip

The reason of split ends is dryness. To keep your hair healthy, strong and shiny, apply Vaseline at the tip of your hair. It will also help your hair to grow fast.

Soften hands

After washing your hands thoroughly, apply some scrub. Then massage them and wash again.

Dry your hands and apply thick layer of moisturizing cream and put on gloves.

Feet care

Scrub your heels and rinse them. Then rub olive oil or coconut oil and put on cotton socks.

Source: Brightside