Reasons that don’t let you sleep in the middle of the night


Web Desk: Keeping wake up in the middle of the night is a nightmare because it carries a drowsy head and fatigue to the following day.  There could be a several reasons of your interrupted sleep.

Here is a list of 8 reasons of your interrupted sleep.

Wrong temperature

You sleep could be interrupted, if the temperature of your room is too hot or too cold. Your body temperature needs to dip a bit in order to sleep.

Itchy Skin

Itchy and irritated skin can also disrupt your sleep. This itching could bring chances in your inflammatory response and immune system that can further affect your sleep quality.

Restless legs

It is a sleep related problem, under this condition, your legs are likely to be twitchy and you will have urges to move them while you are at rest.

Firm mattress

Firm mattress id good your sound sleep but too much mattress cab worsen it because it could pressure in your shoulder, back and lower back.

Excessive urination

Nocturia is a sleep-related problem that wakes you up multiple times for urine passing.


It is one of the biggest reasons of your sleep interruption. You must try mindfulness mediation to relax yourself.

Sleep Apnoea

It is condition in which your airways are blocked and chokes you up while you sleep. Because it soesn’t let you to breath well and drops oxygen level in your body.


Under such condition, stomach acid travels upwards towards your oesophagus rather than going down, especially when you lie down.

Source: Timesofindia