Rao Anwar’s attempt to escape country foiled


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KARACHI:  Former Senior Superintendent Police Malir Rao Anwar who is involved in the controversial kiling of 27 years old Naqeebullah Mehsud attempt to leave the country from Islamabad airport with fake documents has been foiled, Aaj News reports.

According to reports, the officials at the airport rejected Anwar’s travelling documents and termed that ‘void’. The SSP was still not taken into the custody from officials as the documents were provided to them through his close aide.

Sources says that former SSP Malir was travelling through private plane flight no EK- 653.

Talking exclusively to Aaj News Anwar rejected all the claims and that he is fine and having breakfast in his home in Karachi.

He further added that this is a conspiracy against him to derail his image.

Anwar in his message urged the people to remember the terror attacks that once engulfed Karachi and how he along with his men curb the menace of terrorism from Karachi.

Yesterday, Anwar was summoned to present himself before the Sindh Inspector General (IG) of Police A.D. Khowaja and the National Commission for Human Rights.

The SSP however eluded the inquiry committee by claiming that the investigation carried out against him are biased and unfair with a motive to derailed him reputation.

Anwar insisted that ‘He’ had nothing to do with the encounter of Naqeeb, further adding that, the police party that abducted Naqeeb and killed him mislead him to the whole situation.