PTI rejects marriage speculations, says Imran only proposed


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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf on Sunday categorically denounced a media report of its chairman Imran Khan’s third marriage and clarified that Khan has only sent a marriage proposal to a lady named Bushra Maneka.

The PTI spokesperson issued a statement today, saying ‘Ms Maneka asked for time to make a final decision after consulting her family’.

The statement regretted that a media group ‘chose to do a conjectural story’ on Khan’s personal life and which also involved Ms Maneka who is not a public figure.

According to the statement, if and when Ms Maneka accepted the proposal, Khan will announce it publicly.

The report carried by a daily English newspaper had claimed that Khan has tied the knot with a woman he used to visit for spiritual guidance.

“The PTI chairman inaugurated 2018 by tying the knot with the woman on the night of January 1 in Lahore and came straight from there the next day to appear before the anti-terrorism court in Islamabad that granted him bail”, the report claimed.

PTI leader Awn Chaudhry, who is Imran Khan’s political secretary, on Saturday denounced the report and said on Twitter “This is irresponsible yellow journalism. I had categorically denied the veracity of this planted gossip to Cheema. Totally concocted story”.

Another PTI MNA Shireen Mazari said that Khan’s marriage was no one else business.