Pressing the point near your ear help to reduce weight



Web desk: Weight gain is become common and usual problem of mostly people and people used many tricks to lose their weight like dieting, exercise and medicine etc. but everyone always want some short cuts to lose weight rapidly. And here we reveal trick to lose weight quickly!

It is very simple you just have to press point near your ear.

How does it work? It works by controlling your hunger and improves metabolism. And it takes only one minute. You have to spare just one minute from your busy schedule.

Press your index figure on the triangle shaped tissue near your ear and presses it and moves your jaw (open and close) this is the most active part between ears and jaws. Do this trick every day for a minute.

Remember it is not a magic trick with this trick you has to take healthy diet and workout to achieve good results this trick is much effective start it from today!!!

Source: NDTV