Nine things primeval people did to ease our future



Web Desk: With the arrival of heap of technologies, internet and progress, it is hard to imagine the difficulties faced by the ancestors. The things that they did in past normally, can make us laugh today.

Here is the list of 9 things ancestors did that make us happy to live in the 21st century.

Book of complaints

Complaint books are existed for thousands of years. This took real efforts to file a complain.


This jar was used to collect tears. This also indicated how much a wife missed her husband while he was away.

Curing with manure

In ancient times, people used manure (droppings of many animals, birds and even humans) to cure all diseases and as a protection against the evil spirits.

Large-scale construction

Ancient people take construction very seriously. The bricks that were used, weighs more than 1,000 tons.

Sewage system

The people of 1st century BC, invented a water supply systems for drylands from a huge well. The scale and labor intensity of these systems are unbelievable.

Cannibal cures

Ancient Romans used human blood to cure epilepsy. They even sold powder made of human mummies, which was known as cannibal cure.

Love for cats

In the past, the cats were respected and considered sacred animals. Cats had a luxurious lives in palaces, as they are the owners. If a cat died, the people shaved off their eyebrow as a symbol of mourning.

Professional mourners

It was believed in the past that the more people that came to someone’s funeral, the more significant the deceased person was. Therefore, some people were hired to cry.

Foot binding

In china, 4-5 years girl were made to bind their feet and wear shoes of small size to shape their feet. Normal healthy feet were considered to be the sign of a commoner.

Source: Brightside