Indian novel Pinjar to air in Pakistan



Web Desk: Pakistani actor Adnan Siddiqui watched the movie Pinjar, which is based on Amrita Pritam’s famous novel. Then he also read the novel.

He decided to make a television series on it. After a seven month of intensive shooting, the small screen adaptation of Pinjar, titled it ‘Ghughi’ which means ‘dove’. The drama is scheduled to be launched on January 25 at 8pm.

Siddiqui says, “Pinjar fitted the bill. It’s written by one of the celebrated authors of the sub-continent and considered to be a literary classic.”

“Ghughi will make people on both sides of the man-made border gravitate to their roots. It is not just about the horror of partition, two nation and religions. Primarily, the series talks about human beings and their emotions, which suffered at the hands of a few decision-makers,”

While talking about the story of “Ghughi”, co-producer and actor says, “Sharing the same agony, culture, literature and heritage, it is upon us to share some great content on both sides of the border and grow as beautiful independent nations which once had an intense affair.”

Source: Indianexpress