Indian newspaper confessed Kalbhoshan was a ‘RAW agent’


New Dehli: Indian newspaper confessed Kalbhusan Jhadav as a RAW agent, but as it is expensive to speak truth, the newspaper forced to remove the news.

On Saturday, Indian newspaper Quintet revealed in his report that Kalbhoshan Jadhav was a spy of secret agency Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), who was arrested due to his insignificant movements, but the newspaper had to cover this secret. While the institution was severely pressured, the report was removed.

According to the report, Kalbhushan had been working as an Indian spy and agent, two senior officers were reserved for deploying him, although a standard procedure was followed for recruitment of kalbhushan, but it revealed that two head chiefs were opposed to his recruitment in Indian agency and his work in Pakistan.

While talking to The Quintet, Former chief said that Kalbhushan didn’t hold a spy capability to work in Pakistan, but Pakistan and Iranian agents worked on the desk to assist him in the deployment.

While talking about the Indian statement, the spokesperson of the Foreign Office said that it was more strange than the Truthfulness.